Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of hydraulic press machine in China. The hydraulic sheet metal embossing machine is suitable for embossing printing of metal doors such as cast aluminum doors, big iron doors, villa doors, and stainless steel doors. The fuselage adopts the structure of three beams, four columns, six columns, eight columns, which has good guidance and accuracy retention. The layout of multiple oil cylinders makes the door plate stress uniform. The door panel embossing hydraulic press adopts a PLC control system. The automatic and manual operation mode can be freely switched, and the operation is simple and convenient. It has a single and double-acting structure, which can meet customers’ requirements of pressing different sheet materials and decorative patterns.
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Hydraulic Sheet Metal Embossing Machine for sale:

hydraulic press machine embossing

2000 Ton hydraulic press machine for steel door embossing

Heavy duty, good embossing effect, multiple die core can be replaced, easy to operate

Steel Door Embossing Machine operate video:

Steel door making machine feature:

The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements, and the operation is simple.
Door plate embossing hydraulic press can be fixed range, fixed pressure, delay pressure.
The fuselage adopts a multi-column structure, the surface of the column is chrome plated after quenching and tempering treatment, with good strength, high hardness, abrasion resistance.
Machine, electric, hydraulic integrated safety device, superior safety.
The three beams of the machine are welded members, which are tempered by the fireplace and processed by a large CNC floor boring and milling machine with good accuracy.
The speed can be adjusted according to the customer process to improve quality and production efficiency.
The embossing hydraulic press machine is equipped with a safety protection device, which can guarantee the safety of operators and workers
The new type oil cylinder sealing element has high reliability and long service life.
The hydraulic control system of hydraulic press adopts a two-way cartridge valve integrated control system, which has the advantages of reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic impact, and reduced connecting pipeline and leakage points. It has the advantages of fast, safe, reliable, energy-saving, beautiful products, low cost

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Usually, we will determine the tonnage of the embossing machine according to the material, size, thickness,  the complexity of the pattern. The pressure for the simple pattern is small, while the pressure for the complex pattern is large.

For example, the door panel size is 2200mm * 520mm, the material is ordinary carbon steel, the plate thickness is 0.4-0.8mm, the forming die size is 2400 * 1450mm, and the part thickness is 5-25mm. The forming force varies according to the complexity of the pattern, which is generally 2000-3000 tons.

The door embossing machine has two kinds of power structures: single acting and double acting. The pattern is simple and shallow. Single-acting can meet the demand. When the single pattern is relatively complex and the product precision is relatively high, the double-acting door panel embossing machine is selected to press the steel plate periphery and pattern successively. Compared with the original single action pressing method, this kind of pressing method has the advantages of the flat plate surface, clear pattern, no wrinkle, crack, and other defects at the corners, especially the deep drawing effect. Customers can provide the door pattern size, we will match the best door embossing machine scheme.

The dies of the door sheet embossing machine are composed of the mold frame and the mold core. During embossing, the edge ring is used to press the periphery of the plate, and then the desired pattern is obtained by pressing the upper and lower die cores. By changing the mold core, a machine can be used to press a variety of patterns, and the embossing effect is good, the pattern is clear and the three-dimensional sense is strong.

Our door plate embossing hydraulic press machine has high-cost performance, a variety of tonnage options, generally 2000 tons, 2500 tons, 3000 tons, 6000 tons, and so on. The price is between USD45,000 and USD300,000. Different sizes, raw materials, patterns of customers’ pressed door panels will affect the machine parameters, and the price will fluctuate accordingly. We will customize the machine according to the actual needs of customers to ensure high quality and low price.