CNC Pipe Threading Lathe Machine for Sale

    TSINFA CNC pipe thread lathe is a new type of CNC machine tool specially designed and manufactured for the thread processing requirements of oil pipelines, drill pipes and casings in petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industries. The machine tool adopts double chuck clamping workpiece, three-speed inverter and CNC system automatic control. It can accurately process various internal and external threads and has the function of ordinary CNC lathe.

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    Swing over bed(mm): Φ630 / Φ800/Φ1000
    Distance between centers(mm): 1000/1500/3000
    Pipe threading range(mm):Φ30-126 / Φ50-193 / Φ50-220 / Φ130-270
    Spindle bore(mm): Φ130 / Φ200 / Φ225 / Φ280

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    Swing over bed(mm): Φ1000 / Φ1200
    Distance between centers(mm): 1500
    Pipe threading range(mm):Φ190-320 / Φ190-380 / Φ270-430 / Φ330-510
    Spindle bore(mm): 330/390/440/520

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

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