Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of hydraulic press machine in China. Cattle and sheep licking brick hydraulic press is a kind of equipment to press salt powder containing calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, other trace elements into a high-density salt block by high pressure. The hydraulic press is composed of the main engine, hydraulic pump station, and electric control system. The machine adopts a Four-column guide, demolding beam. the material can be sent out automatically by PLC control. It has powerful power, precise positioning, perfect action combination. This machine has a low failure rate, high productivity, energy-saving, durability. And a machine can produce different weights and shapes of cattle and sheep licking brick to meet the different needs of customers.

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Salt block making machine

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Q & A

Feature of feed block making machine
1.The machine adopts advanced hydraulic powder forming technology, which has high pressing speed and improves production efficiency
2.The machine adopts two-way pressure and automatic demolding, which makes the product with high density, good quality and not easy to be broken
3.Four column guidance, more accurate positioning, and beautiful appearance of the product.
4.PLC control machine, a high degree of automation, simple and accurate operation, can cooperate with the production line to achieve automatic production.
5.The pressed product has uniform weight, stable quality, good anti drenching property.

How are salt licks made?

First of all, we will salt and natural mineral additives through the scientific ratio and then stir. The prepared raw materials are fed into the hopper of the hydraulic press, and the raw materials are filled into the mold cavity through uniform distribution. The machine is pressed in two directions, and the demolding beam descends to make the products completely demolded. The finished products are pushed out and enter the packaging workshop to become the finished products after packaging.

Are salt licks good for cattle?

1.It can increase the feed intake of cattle. 
2.Help beef cattle to gain weight.
3.Improving milk yield and quality of dairy cows.
4.Maintain electrolyte balance in the body. 
5.Increase saliva secretion, promote digestion and absorption.
6.Reduce the stress response of animals. 
7.Reduce the incidence of various diseases.
8.Prevention and treatment of pica.
9.Enhance the fertility of cattle and promote the healthy development of the fetus.
10.Prevention of poisoning caused by excessive salt consumption.
11.To solve the problem of insufficient feed and animal nutrition in winter and spring.
When can you give cows salt blocks?

In the growth of cattle, salt and trace elements are always needed. cattle can eat salt blocks all the time. The Salt block has the function of preventing excessive licking, so it is not necessary to worry about salt poisoning. Especially in winter and early spring when the grass is withered and yellow, it is particularly important to lick salt block for cattle, to improve feed intake and feed utilization rate, promote growth and improve economic benefits. Cows need to salt lick during childbirth, which promotes milk secretion and fetal growth. In the growth stage of cattle, bone growth is inseparable from salt and trace elements, cattle will get rickets, growth development is slow, so cattle must lick salt block.

Why do cattle need salt blocks to lick?

Salt and minerals are an essential part of the body. When animals lack minerals and trace elements, they will have anorexia, dyspepsia, growth stagnation, emaciation, slow weight gain, resulting in heterology, easy to produce cubs, rickets, osteoporosis. It can make the bones soft and deformed seriously. the cows can produce infertility and miscarriage Nutritional anemia, rough fur, poor quality, dark color, white muscle disease, and other diseases. Salt blocks can maintain the balance of electrolytes in cattle, reduce the occurrence of various diseases, and promote the growth and reproduction of cattle. Cattle need not only nutrients such as energy and protein but also mineral elements and vitamins to ensure their normal growth and production. Therefore, salt brick is essential for the growth of cattle.

How long does a salt lick last?

A 5kg salt brick is enough for 20 sheep to lick for about a year. Usually, we will hang the salt brick in the stone trough of cattle and sheep, above the sink or the resting place of cattle and sheep to let them lick freely. The animals will eat according to their body demand. Therefore, the edible time of a salt brick also has a lot to do with the lack of minerals of the animal itself. When the salt brick is too small and falls off the rope, it should be picked up in time, smashed, mixed into the feed to avoid excessive salt poisoning caused by direct chewing. The salt block must avoid rain and snow because this will accelerate the melting and reduce the service life of the salt block