Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of hydraulic press machine in China. A powder compacting machine is a hydraulic machine that presses granular and powdered raw materials into various ordinary and special-shaped blank blocks. It can suppress a variety of products with high requirements for product density and can suppress multiple pieces at the same time, suitable for large production industries. The press adopts advanced integrated control of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, and has automatic feeding and discharging device. A variety of pressing modes make the molding density uniform. Two kinds of protective and general demolding modes are available. The hydraulic system of automatic powder forming hydraulic press adopts advanced combined superposition valve block to ensure the continuous and frequent stable operation of the hydraulic press. The positioning and stepless adjusting mechanism of the three positions of loading, forming, and demolding confirm the stable and adjustable geometric dimension of the product. The automatic Powder Compacting Press Machine is equipped with an oil cooling device. PLC centralized control, equipped with the mechanical limit device. The pressed products are consistent. High precision equipment, mold replacement,  installation easy to learn, a high degree of automation.

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Powder compacting press machine for sale:

metal podwer press machine

Powder metal press

315 tons hydraulic press machine, automatic feeding, automatic feeding, one compression molding, plc control

hydraulic press compacting machine 300 Ton

Feed powder compacting machine

Mainly used for animal salt mineral licking block making,  salt powder compacting

metal powder forming hydraulic press

Metal powder molding, instead of casting, high strength, high efficiency.

Powder compacting press machine operation video:

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Q & A

Feature of powder compacting press machine.

Powder compacting hydraulic press structure is diverse, multi – tonnage optional.
Complete control functions: manual, semi-automatic, automatic. It can be controlled by PLC and touch screen.
The pressing process is rich: bidirectional pressing, floating pressing, unidirectional pressing
High safety factor: two hands operation, equipped with an emergency stop switch, the machine is equipped with safety grating protection.
An automatic pressure supplement device is adopted to ensure the quality stability of products.
Dry pressing molding, high production efficiency, less labor, low rejection rate, short production cycle. The products produced have high density and high intensity and are suitable for mass industrial production.

What is powder compacting press machine?

Powder compacting machine press is a machine that can press powder materials of different materials (powder can be pure metal or alloy, non-metal, metal and non-metal compound, etc.) into the required shape, size, and density of blank block by applying certain pressure under the coordination of the mold.
The common machine structure of powder compacting hydraulic press is three-beam four-column hydraulic press, vertical and horizontal hydraulic press, two-beam four-column hydraulic press, four-beam four-column hydraulic press, etc. it has independent hydraulic and electrical systems. The machine is equipped with an automatic feeding device, a variety of pressing methods. it is suitable for pressing metal powder, ceramic powder, refractory material, alloy powder, rare earth powder, etc.

What is powder compaction?

Powder compacting is a compression molding process that uses a hydraulic press machine to form complex shapes from metallic, ceramic, composite, PTFE, and other powder compounds.
The powder or powder mixture is loaded into the steel pressing die, and the powder is pressurized by the die punching. After the pressure is relieved, the pressing billet comes out of the die, and the powder pressing process is completed. Suppression methods include:
1. single-pressing
2. double-pressing
3. Floating suppression
4. Pull down pressing
5. Friction pressing

What is powder processing?

Powder processes convert engineering materials in a dry powdery state to solid shapes. Powder processing includes four steps of powder preparation and powder pressing, sintering, post-processing. There are mainly two methods for powder preparation: mechanical method and physicochemical method. The powder processes involve powders in the dry state with little or no liquid added. These powders can be engineered so that they can be poured into molds or dies and Under the pressure, The displacement and deformation of particles occur under pressure. The billet with precise geometry, shape, hardness can be produced.

Why is there density variation in the compaction of powders?

After powder compression, displacement and deformation occur. During the pressing process, the relative density of the billet changes regularly with the increase of pressure. Generally, there are three stages:
1. The powder particles move and fill the pores. At this stage, with the increase of pressure, the density of green compact will increase rapidly, so this stage is called the sliding stage.
2. When the pressure exceeds the value in the sliding stage and continues to increase, the density of the billet is almost unchanged. This is because the density of the billet has reached a fixed value in the sliding stage, and the powder has compression resistance.
3. When the pressure continues to increase beyond the second stage to a certain extent, the relative density of the billet continues to increase, because when the forming pressure exceeds the critical stress of the powder, the powder particles begin to deform, so the density of the billet also increases.
Therefore, the displacement and deformation of powder particles are the factors that cause the change of powder pressing density.

Is powdered metal strong?

The strength of metal powder after pressing is very high. For example, the strength of gear processed by powder metallurgy is about 10% higher than that of other processes. The pressed blank can resist the action of external force and keep the shape and size unchanged. During the pressing process, the porosity decreases with the increase of pressure. The billet becomes densified and its strength increases gradually. The surface of powder particles is uneven. By pressing, the particles wedge and connect due to displacement and deformation, forming mechanical meshing. The atoms on the surface of the powder particles are close to each other at the later stage, and the particles are connected when they enter the gravitational range.
The addition of these two forces and forming agents makes the powder metallurgy products have high strength.

What is the powdered metal used for?

Metal powder can be used as the raw material of powder metallurgy and can also be applied directly. Powder metallurgy pressing products are mainly suitable for the automobile industry, equipment manufacturing industry, metal industry, aerospace, military industry, instruments and instruments, hardware tools, electronic appliances, and other fields of spare parts production and research. Products include bearings, gears, carbide tools, molds, friction products, etc. In military enterprises, heavy weapons such as armor-piercing projectiles, torpedoes, aircraft tanks, and other brake pairs need to be produced by powder metallurgy technology. When it is directly used as industrial raw materials, it is mainly used in welding rod flame cutting process, coating powder raw materials, fuel, catalyst, decorative coating so on.