Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of hydraulic press machine in China. The hydraulic straightening press machine is mainly used for straightening, bending, flanging, shaping, embossing, nesting, stretching of metal sheet parts, as well as the conventional pressing and forming process of plastic materials (plastic products and powder products), and can also be used for the pressing process of shaft parts, as well as the calibration, bucking and pressing of profiles. In addition to forging forming, the hydraulic straightening press machine can also be used for straightening, pressing, packing, pressing block and plate. Because of its wide range of applications, it is also known as a universal hydraulic straightening press machine.
The hydraulic straightening press machine can add blanking buffer, automatic feeding, mobile worktable, safety grating, protective net and other devices according to the needs of users.
The hydraulic straightening press machine is widely used in the automobile industry, motor industry, steel industry and so on. Questions? Give us a call at +86-15318444939, and talk to one of our expert reps. You can also fill out our contact form.

Hydraulic straightening presses for sale:

C Frame Straightening Press

Also known as the open throat hydraulic press, due to only one column, open on three sides, it has large operating space, suitable for processing long shaft, or large plate

hydraulic press brake

Gantry Hydraulic Straightening Press

Generally suitable for the workpiece through the hydraulic press machine, easy to operate, the workpiece can be moved

hydraulic Straightening Press

Straightening Press – Mobile Cylinder

For the workpiece that is not convenient to move, the oil cylinder needs to move, so that the workpiece is straightened. High precision, good effect

Hydraulic straightening press operation video:

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What is hydraulic straightening press machine?

If you want to repair the I-beam and U-shaped steel above and under the coal mine, and if you want to carry out the stretching, bending, stamping, forming, blanking and other processes of various plate shaft parts, a hydraulic straightening press machine is the best choice.
There are many kinds of hydraulic straightening press machines, which are especially suitable for the automobile shaft, motorcycle shaft, connecting rod, I-beam, channel steel, round angle steel of various specifications. Moreover, pressure and stroke are adjustable and controlled,and easy to operate.
Our company can customize hydraulic straightening press machine according to different requirements of customers. We design the machine with high strength, overall welding, aging treatment, and using brand electrical components and motors, strict quality inspection.
We have a professional technical team, rich production and manufacturing experience, welcome global customers to consult and purchase.

How many types of straightening machines are there?

According to the pressure tonnage, can be divided into 1 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton, 50 ton, 63 Ton, 100 ton, 200 ton, 315 ton, 500 ton, 1000 ton, 3000 ton, etc. Any tonnage can be set according to the customer’s requirements.

According to the machine structure, can be divided into gantry type, single-arm type, C-type, four columns type, H-frame type, horizontal type.

According to the operation mode, can be divided into full-automatic type, semi-automatic type, manual type.

According to the control mode, can be divided into CNC type and manual type.

According to the type of motor, can be divided into ordinary motor hydraulic straightening machine and servo motor hydraulic straightening machine.

According to the processing type, can be divided into shaft parts, pipe fitting parts, tubes, bars,weldments, plates, rod parts, special-shaped parts, rack parts, etc.