Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of hydraulic press machine in China. Hydraulic press mounting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that can automatically press and disassemble wheel shafts, bearings, and other metal parts, such as train wheel shafts, motor bearings, etc. Customers can choose different types of press machines according to the size of the parts (diameter and length of the workpiece). If it is a small wheel shaft or a bearing can choose a single column correction hydraulic press, if it is a large wheel axle or a bearing can choose a horizontal hydraulic wheel press. Our Tsinfa customized hydraulic horizontal wheel press mounting machine has the advantages of accurate positioning, high press-fitting accuracy, simple operation, and reliable quality.

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Wheel press machine for sale:

horizontal press machine

Hydraulic Wheel Press Machine

Horizontal installation, lifting the wheel shaft to the hydraulic press, through the hydraulic drive, push the wheel shaft into the wheel, complete the assembly

Hydraulic wheel press machine operation video:

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Feature of hydraulic wheel press machine
The horizontal hydraulic wheel press mounting machine is suitable for the correction of shaft parts and profiles and the pressing of shaft sleeve parts. At the same time, it can also complete the bending, stamping, nesting, and stretching of simple parts. It can also be used to press powder and plastic products with low requirements.
The hydraulic press has the following characteristics:
1. Beautiful appearance, welding or steel casting structure, good rigidity, simple and convenient operation.
2. Adopt an independent hydraulic system, optional with CNC PLC touch screen control and servo motor to ensure higher accuracy.
3. The pressure and stroke can be adjusted by oneself, and the workpieces of various sizes can be adjusted flexibly.

Wheel press machine for sale, moderate price
Horizontal hydraulic wheel press mounting machine is generally used in the automobile industry, motor industry, electronic industry, home appliance industry, and other industries that need high precision press mounting. Our Tsinfa company can customize various tonnage and specifications of horizontal hydraulic wheel press fitting machine according to the customer’s requests, and also can be equipped with CNC PLC, automatic loading and unloading device, safety protection, various fixtures, and other optional devices. Welcome to inquire.

How to install wheel by horizontal press machine

Before placing the wheel shaft workpiece, please check whether the installation equipment of the horizontal hydraulic wheel press machine is placed horizontally and whether the power supply is safe. Check whether the hydraulic oil is added up the standard line and whether the circuit is damaged or normal. Then start the motor of the equipment to check whether the motor direction is correct or not. Inching the hydraulic system, and check the hydraulic system for leakage and abnormal sound. Finally, run the hydraulic system without anything, drain the air in the hydraulic system. After checking that the equipment is all normal, install the wheel shaft. The wheel shaft is loaded manually by overhead crane, and the horizontal center position is maintained during the whole installation and disassembly operation. The wheel pressure recorder can automatically capture the relationship between loading force and distance, and store the data together with the wheel shaft information of the operator. After the operation is completed, the operator uses the overhead crane to hold the wheel shaft and then retracts the pressure bar to release the wheel shaft.