Turret Milling Machine Vertical & Horizontal

    The machine can be used both for vertical milling and horizontal milling, with corresponding attachments.Cylinder mill, round piece mill, shape mill and end mill can be installed on the conical hole of main pivot of the machine, which is suitable for processing plane surface, oblique plane, groove, hole, gear of all kinds of samll , medium parts. User can select universal dividing head to process groove of thread It is the ideal machining equipment for the industries of mechanic manufacture, mould, automobiles and motorcycles. Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of turret milling machine in China.

    ● Machine frame features heavy ribbing and torsional rigidity
    ● Wide. Rigid, hardened guide ways ensure maximum stability and constant accuracy
    ● All gears and shafts are hardened and ground
    ● All electric components are made by leading manufacturers
    ● Automatic feeds and rapid feeds on all 3 axes
    ● The control panel is mounted on a swivel boom for optimum positioning
    ● Central lubrication for low-maintenance operation

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    Vertical ram turret milling machine for sale:

    Images & specifications:

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai
    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    Turret milling machine operation video:

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    Table size(mm): 1600*320
    Main motor (kw): 7.5kw
    Swivel angle at swivel head: ±360°
    Max. rotary angle of table: 45°

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    Table size(mm): 1600*360
    Main motor (kw): 4kw
    Swivel angle at swivel head: ±360°

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    Table size(mm):1250*360
    Main motor (kw):2.2kw
    Swivel angle at awivel head: ±360°
    Max. rotary angle of table: 45°

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    Table size(mm): 1120*260
    Main motor (kw): 2.2kw
    Swivel angle at swivel head: ±360°
    Max. rotary angle of table: —

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    Table size(mm): 1250*320
    Main motor (kw): 3kw
    Swivel angle at swivel head: ±360°
    Max. rotary angle of table: ±45°

    Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
    Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

    What is turret milling machine?
    Turret milling machine is a type of milling machine, originally invented in the 19th century. It looks like the turret and got its name. It covers a small area, has good rigidity and many functions. It is suitable for processing some small workpieces, especially for the mold industry. Capable of milling surfaces, drilling holes, keyways, plus rotary tables or indexing heads for helical machining. Horizontal axis can be selected on the column to realize horizontal milling function.

    This type of milling machine beam can swing from side to side, also known as the rocker, radial arm milling machine. The milling head can be rotated left and right, and back and forth, because of this structural feature, so that its machining range can be expanded.

    Turret milling machine parts

    Base: Made of castings that support the overall weight of the milling machine while storing cutting fluid. Fixed on the ground to stabilize the machine tool.

    Column: the column is mounted on the base, with electric control box on the side, guide rail on the front, and mounting table. It’s a very important component

    Working table: The working table needs to process T-groove and fix the workpiece through T-bolt

    Lead screw: the lead screw drives the nut to drive the movement of the worktable, usually 3, which are respectively responsible for the movement of XYZ 3 axis.

    Tool walker: If there is no tool walker, the rotation of the table requires manual rotation of the handwheel. The tool walker can realize fast automatic feed, saving manpower and improving efficiency

    Milling head: one of the most important parts of the milling machine, the rigidity of the milling head directly determines the machining effect. The cutter is installed on the milling head, the milling head rotates, drives the cutter to rotate, and processes the workpiece.

    Motor: Main motor drives spindle rotation. Lifting motor drives the table to move up and down.

    Digital display: the moving distance is measured by digital display ruler and displayed on the LCD screen for the convenience of operators

    Turret milling machine for sale
    Turret milling machine as a small milling machine, the price is very cheap. The reference price of the range is around 3000-9000USD. Of course, sometimes there will be some promotion measures, such as discount price or extra attachments. You need to consult salesmen for specific situations.

    Turret milling machine operation manual

    Operation manual files are relatively large, you can ask for sales staff.

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