TSINFA is a professional supplier & manufacturer of horizontal metal cutting band saw machine in China. Gantry double column sawing machine series has higher stability in cutting operation. With heavy duty stainless steel columns and a double column structure, cutting capacity ranges from 280 to 2200mm. Efficient sawing of steel, iron, stainless steel and other metal materials. Can be configured with automatic feeding, CNC control, upper clamping, improve machining capacity, and automation

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Main function introduction:

introduce for metal bandsaw

1. Gantry double column structure, more stable operation, to ensure the cutting accuracy;
2. Automatically feed, the sawing frame returned automatically when the sawing process is finished.
3. The feed speed can be stepless adjusted within a given range;
4. When sawing materials, the saw blade vice clamps the materials to prevent the teeth from being pulled due to unstable shaking when sawing short materials;
5. The cutting tool adopts imported, thin sheet bimetal band saw blade, so the cut is narrow, less material consumption, less power required, with material saving and energy saving efficient cutting tool;
6. Reasonable structure layout, easy to use and maintain, is a variety of metal material sawing high efficiency energy-saving high-matching equipment

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4228

Circular sawing(mm): 280
Square sawing(mm): 280*280

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4235

Circular sawing(mm): 350
Square sawing(mm): 350*350

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4240

Circular sawing(mm): 400
Square sawing(mm): 400*400

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4250

Circular sawing(mm): 500
Square sawing(mm): 500*500

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4260

Circular sawing(mm): 600
Square sawing(mm): 600*600

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4270

Circular sawing(mm): 700
Square sawing(mm): 700*700

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB4280

Circular sawing(mm): 800
Square sawing(mm): 800*800

Metal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal Metal Bandsaw GB42100

Circular sawing(mm): 1000
Square sawing(mm): 1000*1000

Installation methods for the saw blade
1 Checking the saw blade and welding coupling before installation
2 Up rise the saw frame and open the front cover, follow the marks instruction and rotating up the lead screw 5-7cm, and open the adjustment crews on the left and right
3 Keep the new blade into the leading box and adjusting the nuts and clamping the blade gently as per the instruction, the clamping force of blade was normally about 25N.M
4 Power on and off and make the blade rotating gradually till the saw blade into normal working
5 Keeping the machine into free working for 2 minutes for checking without any abnormal happened

How to operate horizontal metal cutting band saw
1 Checking the power source with correct wire connecting and keep the suitable coolant liquid and hydraulic oil
2 Idle running machine and assure the machine with right rotating direction and fluent coolant and moving of up and down
3 Adjusting the stock stopper with right position of cutting length, and stock is in clamping status
4 Keeping the stock bracket at suitable height
5 Adjusting the up-valve and down-valve and make the saw blade 2cm higher than the stock, and changing the stroke quill and make sure that the strokes witch can be touched properly during up rising and cutting off of saw blade,cutting speed should be increased slowly while cutting into the stock
6 Lubrication oil No 32 was applicable for the sliding parts, such as clamping vise,
main column sub-column
7 Lubrication oil should be changed periodically
8 Any parts of the personal body should be away from the running blade
9 Overload operation will cause a hard damage to the machine
10 Blade changing should be operated after power off
11 Keep clean environment around the machine
12 Power off the main switch while stopping the machine and rise-up the bracing, opening the vise and saw blade.