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The TSINFA CNC Milling machine TVK series of base, sliding seat, worktable, vertical column and spindle box of CNC machine tool adopt high rigidity cast iron structure, which ensures the high rigidity and bending and damping performance of foundation parts. The base parts are made of resin sand and treated with aging, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the machine tool for a long time and guarantees the reliability of the machine tool performance.
The TSINFA CNC Milling machine TVK series of CNC machine tools is an economical CNC machine tool with fine milling/drilling/tapping functions. X, Y, Z three-axis servo, semi-closed loop, point control vertical CNC drilling and milling machine tools. Spindle power is divided into gear drive and stepless drive (gear drive increases spindle low speed power).
CNC machine tool structure and shape optimization design, compact, reasonable, rigid strengthening. Can be achieved for a variety of plate, plate and shell, complex parts, such as CAM, mold processing, can complete drilling, milling, tapping and other processes, is suitable for batch production of products, can meet the drilling, tapping, milling process of small and medium-sized workpiece processing.

● Straight line and arc cutting: it can complete fine milling of straight line and arc at any Angle, and drill tapping with multiple points.
● No-clearance drive: the ball screw with preloaded load is adopted for transmission, and the speed and precision are greatly improved.
● The protection system is applicable to processing and teaching, and the electronic timing is strongly lubricated to prevent the occurrence of artificial oil shortage on the track surface.
● High reliability: the casting process of the body is advanced, the aging process is adopted, and the casting mark reaches the national standard.
● CNC functions: standard provides a rich NC function, realize four axis high speed and high precision motion control, mining with 8 “color widescreen LCD, and equipped with soft function keys, intuitive interface, a new design engineering plastic panel beautiful big party, high strength, good protection, machine integration is high, the product reliability.

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CNC milling machine

Table size(mm): 1000*240
X/Y/Z table travel(mm): 450*300*400
Spindle taper: BT40

Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai
CNC milling machine

Table size(mm): 1000*260
X/Y/Z table travel(mm): 600*300*400
Spindle taper: BT40

Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai
China milling machine cnc

Table size(mm): 1000*280
X/Y/Z table travel(mm): 460*210*360
Spindle taper: ISO30

Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai
Cnc milling machine center

Table size(mm): 1250*360
X/Y/Z table travel(mm): 900*400*500
Spindle taper: BT40

Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

Table size(mm): 500×1650 600×2000
X/Y/Z table travel(mm): 650*500*1300 650*530*1500
Spindle taper: 7:24 ISO50

Supply Ability:      200 Set/Sets per Month
Port:                       Qingdao/Shanghai

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