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Compression Molding

Compression Molding – The Ultimate Guide

Compression molding is a pressure-driven procedure utilized to craft simple and complex components from thermosets, plastics and composites. This process utilizes pressure to force pre-heated raw materials into a mold cavity consequently generating parts that conform to your requirements. Role of Compression Molding As a molding process, compression molding example has grown in prominence tenfold. […]

Hot Stamping – The Ultimate Guide

Hot stamping is an adaptable method in printing whereby heat, pressure, and foil are utilized to create elegant patterns and designs on the surfaces. With hot stamping, you use some special equipment for covering a very thin layer of foil on a substrate, like paper, plastic, or cardboard. This method is very popular in the […]

Compression Molding Presses 101: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners & Experts

Compression press is a machine that compresses and shapes materials into suitable shapes and form. You can use molding press to mold items like composites, fiberglass, sheets, guard hardware, and aviation components. The best part, you can make parts across many industries. Type of Compression Molding Machines Compression molding machines come in various types depending […]