Top 30 Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in China, the US, and Other Countries

At times, finding a reliable and trusted hydraulic press manufacturer can be a nightmare. A reason this guide compiles top hydraulic press manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for hydraulic press suppliers from China, USA or other parts of the world, the manufacturer you are looking for is right here.

Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in China

TSINFA Hydraulic Press

TSINFA Hydraulic Press

1. Shandong TSINFA CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

Since 2005, TSINFA has evolved to be a premier hydraulic press machines manufacturer and supplier in China. Whether you are operating a small or large fabrication shop, TSINFA hydraulic presses tonnage range from 100 Tons to over 2000 Tons.

The hydraulic presses come in different configuration – from C-frame hydraulic press, H-frame hydraulic press, heated plate hydraulic press, horizontal hydraulic press to vertical hydraulic presses.

Depending on your unique specifications, TSINFA guarantee competitive hydraulic press machine prices.

2. Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd.

You enjoy over 60 years of experience with Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd. They are engaged in the research and development, production, and sale of hydraulic press machines. Among the series of offered products, there are more than 50, like four-column and sheet metal forming presses with 80–40,000 tons of specifications.

3. Hefei Metail Forging Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

At Hefei Metail, you encounter high-precision hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, and color sorting services. The company was established in 1951, and it manufactures, sells, and provides service, specializing in large-scale CNC forming machines and new technology. They are one of the largest intelligent forging equipment manufacturers, and their high-tech instruments are used in aerospace, nuclear power, and other industries.

4. Xuzhou Pressure Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established in 1951, Xuzhou Pressure Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in hydraulic press manufacturing. They specialize in the manufacture of the first ultra-large stroke, high-precision multi-link servo presses in China and provide forging equipment for the auto industry.

The acquisition of the Germany-based EBU Forming Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016 indicates their international operations and technological advancement.

5. Chengdu Zhengxi Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Zhengxi can be highlighted as a company that focuses on intelligent equipment production. Since 1956, they have begun to combine research and development, production, sales, and service systems and now have more than 300 employees. Their partners comprise hydraulic presses, bending machines, and automated production lines for composite material forming, stamping, extrusion forging, and powder forming.

6. Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd.

For high-tech hydraulic presses and complete production lines, you are welcome to get in touch with Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. Founded in 1954, they address a broad spectrum of hydraulic press types, including general and special purposes. Their large plant and equipment mean high accuracy and the ability to offer customized products for metal forming, motor manufacturing, and rubber pressing.

7. Nantong Forging Equipment Rugao Co., Ltd.

Nantong Forging Equipment Rugao Co., Ltd. has been providing forging solutions since 2000. They offer a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical presses for the automotive industry, aerospace, and nuclear power industries. Their products are recognized both in domestic and international markets, and customers describe them as reliable and high-quality.

8. Jiangsu Yangli Group Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yangli Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966, specializing in forging machinery design and manufacturing. They have spacious modern workshops and include accurate tools, with an annual production capability of 30,000 sets. Their products, which include stamping, sheet metal, and laser processing, are applied in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, and the new energy industries.

9. Henan Taitian Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Henan Taitian was established in 1988 and focuses mainly on high-precision hydraulic press machines. They manufacture all kinds of presses, from 1 to 16,000 tons, in harmony with the European standard. Customers include auto parts, home appliances, and electronics industries, for which their presses provide high technical assistance and main equipment for vital operations.

Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in the U.S.

10.  Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc.

You will also feel at ease working with Greenerd, as they have been manufacturing hydraulic presses since 1883. They provide both build-to-order and standard hydraulic presses, such as C-frame, H-frame, and straight-side presses, for the aerospace, automotive, and energy industries. Due to their focus on innovation, they have better controls and automation, which makes your operations productive and efficient.

11.  Beckwood Press Company

Beckwood is devoted to hydraulic and servo-electric press manufacture, which is tailored to offer you the best solution. Since it started in 1976, the company has focused solely on presses in the 2 to 2000-ton category. They manufacture presses for multiple functions, including aerospace, automotive, and composites, while focusing on strength and accuracy for your challenging jobs.

12.  French Oil Mill Machinery Co.

You enjoy the experience of the French Oil Company and its experience in the production of hydraulic presses for over a century, dating back to 1900. Their products are focused on the rubber, oilseed, and synthetic rubber divisions and sectors.

They provide hydraulic press equipment with a press force of up to 2000 tons, which can be customized with sophisticated technology and automation to optimize your production line.

13.  Enerpac Tool Group

Enerpac delivers hydraulic tools and service, so you have the proper equipment for your high-pressure needs. Their hydraulic presses are precision-built, of high quality, and are used in applications such as construction, mining, and manufacturing. Enerpac is an innovation-based company, and it delivers products that increase your operational capability and safety to meet tough industrial standards.

14.  Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc.

When it comes to building hydraulic presses that are tailored to customers’ requirements, Phoenix offers the optimal solution. Since 1979, they have been providing a range of presses, including C-Frame, H-Frame, and Four Post Presses, with a maximum tonnage of up to 1500 tons.

Their commitment to quality and innovation will provide you with efficient formulation, punching, and assembling of metals.

15.  Pacific Press Technologies

It offers you the advantage of Pacific Press’s experience in hydraulic press manufacturing since 1945. They have a vast line of presses that encompass straight-side presses, C-frame presses, and H-frame presses, with a tonnage that cannot exceed 3000 tons.

They are used in the automotive, aerospace, and metalworking industries and offer a high level of precision and durability for your applications.

16.  Williams, White & Company

Based in Melbourne, Williams, White & Company, established in 1854, offers a wide array of hydraulic presses. LAR specializes in providing application-engineered products in metal forming, forging, and stamping. Their presses range up to 10,000 tons, and the company aims to achieve high performance and reliability in the manufacturing processes.

17.  RK Machinery

When you buy hydraulic presses from RK Machinery, you can be assured the equipment is of high quality, and you will not be disappointed. Since 1980, they have specialized in the builds for custom and standard presses, C-frame presses, H-frame presses, and 4 post presses, with capacities up to 2000 tons. Their presses can be used in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries to improve your operation’s output.

18.  Macrodyne Technologies, Inc.

In the case of Macrodyne, hydraulic press solutions that can be customized to fit your needs are what you get to enjoy. Founded in 1990, they supply both standard and custom presses of high speed and high tonnage for the auto, aerospace, and composite industries. They are famous for the accuracy and toughness of the presses, which guarantee you high productivity and reliability in your procedures.

Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in Europe

Automatic Hydraulic Press

Automatic Hydraulic Press

19. Schuler Group

When you partner with Schuler Group, you partner with a company that has been in the technology business for over 175 years. They offer hydraulic and mechanical presses like servo presses, and these focus on innovation and automation.

Some of them specialize in automotive, aerospace, and metal manufacturing, which provide accuracy, speed, and productivity in your production line.

20. SMS Group GmbH

SMS Group presents to you hydraulic presses and metal-forming technologies. Founded in 1871, they primarily deal with massive hydraulic presses that are used in forging as well as other intense operations. They majored in automation and digitalization, guaranteeing optimized and consistent operations for sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

21. SiempelkampMaschinen-und-Anlagenbau-GmbH

You will also be able to take advantage of our longstanding expertise in hydraulic press building that dates back to 1883. It offers metal-forming presses, composite presses, and plastic-processing presses that deliver optimized performance.

The presses they produce are accurate, long-lasting, and highly automated for applications in the automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors.

22. Eumuco (Muller Weingarten)

Eumuco of the Schuler Group provides you with sophisticated hydraulic presses for your production requirements. They are focused on forging and metal-forming presses with superior technology and automation processes. Their presses are customized for accuracy and productivity and are used in the automotive, aerospace, and metalworking industries.

23. Hare Press Ltd.

When you choose Hare Press, you get dependable hydraulic presses from 1948. They also deal with the sale of custom and standard presses such as C-frame, H-frame, and four-post ones. Their presses are suitable for automotive, aerospace, and metalworking industries due to their durability, accuracy, and performance in various applications.

24. Aida Engineering Ltd.

Aida Engineering gives you hydraulic and mechanical presses as a company founded in 1917. They specialize in both speed presses and precision presses and are involved in industries such as automotive, electronics, and metal stamping. Their dedication to work results in giving you efficient and consistent solutions to your manufacturing operations.

25. LVD Group

LVD Group is among the best companies where you can get maximum hydraulic press services and products. Founded in 1952, they have focused on manufacturing press brakes, shears, and laser cutting machines. Hydraulic presses are mainly used for accurate and variable work in automobiles, aircraft, material forming, etc. They place emphasis on these facets to deliver the best results and productivity in your business.

Hydraulic Press Manufacturer in Rest of the World

Vertical Hydraulic Press

Vertical Hydraulic Press

26. Komatsu Ltd. (Japan)

Komatsu provides you with a selection of hydraulic presses combined with expertise in engineering that spans several decades. They have specialized in the manufacturing of high-precision presses for the metal-forming, stamping, and forging industries.

They are popular within the automobile, electronics, and machine tool industries. Continuous research and development at Komatsu guarantees to provide you with reliable, efficient, and long-lasting equipment.

27. Macrodyne Technologies Inc. (Canada)

For hydraulic press solutions at the highest level, turn to Macrodyne, which offers customization to suit your needs. Founded in 1990, they provide both special and normal presses with high speed and high tonnage capacity.

Their presses are built with accuracy and robustness for performance in the automotive, aerospace, and composites markets, guaranteeing application performance and productivity.

28. Australian Press Brakes Pty Ltd. is from Australia.

You will note that Australian Press Brakes has a wealth of experience in hydraulic presses and press brakes. They mainly deal with designing and constructing presses for specific industries such as the automotive industry, the mining sector, and construction.

Their products possess durability, accuracy, and technology that guarantees customers reliable and suitable manufacturing machinery.

29. Santec Exim Pvt. Ltd., India

Santec Exim introduces you to hydraulic presses that are available in many types, such as rubber molding hydraulic presses and deep drawing hydraulic presses. They were established in 1998 and specialize in offering tailor-made products for automotive, aerospace, and rubber applications. Their presses are strong, accurate, and fast to help your manufacturing processes run smoothly and effectively.

30. Inter-Lakes Bases, Inc. (USA)

With their excellent hydraulic presses and reputation for accuracy, Inter-Lakes Bases is a company you will value. With a focus on four-post, C-frame, and H-frame types, they specialize in both standard and custom hydraulic presses.

They ensure dependable and effective operation in a variety of industries, including defense, aerospace, and automotive, with their presses.


Although there are other hydraulic press machine manufacturers in the world, these are some of the most reputable companies.

If you are finding it difficult to get a hydraulic press machines, TSINFA team is here to offer the support you need – contact us now.