What is a Hydraulic Press Used for

Hydraulic press high adaptability is one of its major characteristics. It is an important equipment in manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

You can use hydraulic press to perform a range of functions – from reshaping, compressing to manipulating materials.

Common Uses of Hydraulic Press in Various Industries

1. Manufacturing Industry

Hydraulic press makes possible the modification of metal sheets into distinct shapes exactly like car body panels and other gadgets. The press administers exceptional force equally over the surface of the raw material. This enables a precise shaping and unvarying forming process.

You can use a hydraulic press to perform a wide range of functions including:

  • Stamping
  • Pressing
  • Embossing or bending

With hydraulic press, you can make complex electronic parts, and large machinery components with precision and faster.

2. Automotive Industry

You can combine and manipulate parts. Some common examples are transmission gears and brake pads.

Those presses are composed of a vital factor in accurate and streamlined assembly techniques, enhancing the generation of high-quality and reliable vehicles.

Hydraulic presses are used to shape motor vehicle parts such as windshield wiper blades, sensors, casings, switches, etc.

At the moment, hydraulic press machines have revolutionized the automotive manufacturing industry. They have increased parts production, OEM automotive parts manufacturing, and reduced manufacturing processes.

3. Construction

If you want to make blocks or slabs, then hydraulic presses offer unlimited opportunities. This thickness of materials leads to their upgraded strength and robustness resulting to stability at construction sites.

800T Hydraulic Press Machine

800T Hydraulic Press Machine

Additionally, the hydraulic press plays an integral role in concrete quality testing. For instance, you can test concrete for construction where you can determine its tensile strength. You can use this information to improve the concrete mixture and other parameters.

This is a long side stamping or punching door parts and components.

4. Aerospace Sector

You can manufacture many parts using hydraulic press including aircraft wings and engine parts. These components are produced by 3D printers making them hard to wear out and are light in terms of weight. This is favorable in the aircraft industry.

From fasteners, airplane components and parts, metal forming processes play an integral role in precise fabrication.

Among the key hydraulic presses in the aerospace industry include:

  • 4 column hydraulic press
  • C-frame hydraulic press

With multi press, you can fabricate complex parts in the aerospace industry.

5. Pharmaceutical Industry

Hydraulic presses are used for shaping and forming of tablets. The powdered medications are compressed into form boosting the precision.

From manufacturing drugs to equipment and machinery, hydraulic presses play an integral role in the medical industry.

So far, pharmaceutical industries use a wide range of hydraulic presses in various capacities such as:

  • Dissolution testing for quality assessment
  • Tablet presses for making tablets and pills

Ideally, the use of hydraulic presses is common in many pharmaceutical and medical industries.

6. Rubber and Plastic Industries

Hydraulic presses play a crucial role in parting and making of materials such as tires, plastic pieces and many others. The presses make significant pressure that is managed to make materials in specific shapes.

Even today, hydraulic press machine play a critical role in both rubber and plastic fabrication processes. These machines carefully deform plastic or rubber material into suitable shapes.

For instance, you can mold both rubber and plastic to form different parts using hydraulic press machine. With an easy to change tooling system, you can configure hydraulic press for custom rubber and plastic fabrication.

7. Recycling Industry

The hydraulic press is used for pressing recyclable materials like plastics and metals into small pieces that are easily manageable. This enhances easy storage, transport and making waste materials usable again.

Among the key equipment that has revolutionized waste management is the hydraulic baling press machine. With a hydraulic baling press, you can reduce a huge volume of waste into manageable sizes.

It can handle a wide range of waste from, metals, plastic, to cardboard for easy recycling process. Hydraulic press can compress and shape waste products to reasonable sizes ready for recycling process.

8. Powder Compacting

If you are looking for the best equipment for powder compaction, they you should choose hydraulic press. You can compact powder into various shapes. Besides, you can achieve different densities depending on the hydraulic press tonnage.

With the help of dies and punches, you can shape powder using hydraulic press into many shapes and configurations.

Furthermore, both pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries use powder compaction technique to produce a wide range of products such as pills. In sintering process, powder compaction is a critical process to produce a final products.

9. Laboratory Testing

You can analyze material quality and performance. By pressing material of subjecting it to high forces, you can tell whether it can withstand the normal working conditions or not.

From concrete production to tablet press industries, subjecting final product to compressive forces using hydraulic press machine is a critical quality control process.

For these applications, we use specialized equipment known as laboratory hydraulic press. They are mostly small and you can configure them depending on the material you wish to test tensile or compressive strength.

10.  Scrap Baling

Cars and other equipment are pressed and crushed into small objects that are easily manageable. This makes transportation and storage to be simple.

Crushing scrap metal or plastic require enormous force which makes hydraulic press machine a perfect equipment for this job. Remember, baling scrap is a critical step before the actual recycling occurs.

Hydraulic press machine can reduce large scrap metal to few cubic meters.

11.  Military Application

Hydraulic shop presses are found in every Airforce base. The machines are used by the military in ammunition related jobs and also in the making of vehicle tires. You can manufacture many military equipment.

Military require precisely formed parts and components that meet tight tolerances. This is exactly where hydraulic presses come in.

You can mould, punch, stamp or emboss different parts made from varying materials depending on the military needs.

12.  Agricultural Sector

Hydraulic press machines are needed in the field of agriculture to perform activities like straightening bent parts of equipment, separation of rusted equipment and compressing equipment that are no longer required.

Agriculture is one of those industries that heavily depend on hydraulic press either directly or indirectly. From fabricating farm equipment to preparing final products – you will definitely use hydraulic press machines.

You can fabricate farm tools, farm machinery accessories or magnate farm waste.

13. Producing Ceramics

At room temperature, hydraulic press machine can shape ceramic material to form varying shapes and sizes. Currently the use of hydraulic press is slowly replacing the tradition manufacturing techniques which were costly.

Whether you wish to make bathroom tiles or bricks, using hydraulic press in ceramic production guarantee high returns. The best part, you can change tooling system making a versatile option.

Apart from these, hydraulic press find its use in:

  • Power generation to make turbine parts
  • Tool fabrication and equipment to make various cutting tools
  • Wood fabrication to make cutting parts
  • Marine applications to make different system parts
  • Arts to make swords

Among other industries. In case you are wondering whether hydraulic press is good for your industry, TSINFA team is here to help you.


In fact, the uses of hydraulic press is virtually unlimited. Virtually all industries depending on hydraulic press machines to make parts either directly or indirectly.

Modern industries use hydraulic presses in all aspects of manufacturing. You can produce a final product or for other processes.

At TSINFA, we are the trusted hydraulic press manufacturers in China. Our hydraulic presses are available in different tonnage depending on client specific requirements – contact us now for any inquiries.

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