The Best Way to Saw through Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most sought-after metals many people use. It is easily machinable and very versatile. When not properly cut, Aluminum can easily bend or warp.

Best Ways to Saw Aluminum

1. Circular Sawing Aluminum

Circular sawing involves the use of a toothed circular blade to cut through a material. The saw blade moves in circular motion at a high speed. This makes it possible for it to cut through Aluminum when it comes into contact with it.

Circular Saw to Cut Aluminum

Circular Saw to Cut Aluminum

If you are working on a thin and small part of an Aluminum metal, this is the suitable way to cut your metal. When you use circular saws together with sheet metal cutting blades, you will achieve precise cuts.

For best results use a carbide-tipped saw blade that has been designed specifically for non-ferrous metals. This ensures your cuts are smooth and also prevents clogging.

2. Band Sawing Aluminum

This entails the use of a band saw which has a continuous band of toothed metal. The continuous band is stretched between two or more wheels to cut through Aluminum.

To cut through the metal you turn on the band saw, allow it to reach full speed then cut the metal.

Band Saw

Band Saw

A band saw that has a bi-metal blade is quite useful in cutting Aluminum. With a band saw you can achieve control and precision thus suitable for irregular cuts or curved ones.

3. Table Saw to Cut Aluminum

A table saw just from the name is a saw that is attached to a table. It is a common technique but most people use it to cut wood.

Most table saws have a built-edge. This is useful for accurate cuttings on aluminum.

A table saw is different from the other saws. This is because, unlike the other saws, the material being cut is brought to the table saw.

One of the major advantages of a table saw is it is very accurate and safe. Its major downfall is that it is not portable hence, you can only use it where you place it.

Table Saw

Table Saw

4. Chop Saw to Cut Aluminum

Another word for this method of cutting Aluminum is cut-off saw. The best this about chop saw, you can achieve:

  • Straight cuts
  • Precise cuts
  • Fast Aluminum cutting

For best results, you should equip it with a blade that is specifically for non-ferrous metals.

A chop saw works in the following way; the chop saw blade spins in circles at a very high speed. You should adjust the settings properly depending on the thickness of the material. With the right speed and proper settings, you will be able to cut through Aluminum.

If you need an Aluminum material that is thick and with large pieces, a chop saw may not be your best option. This method is suitable for thin and small Aluminum pieces.

5. Cutting Aluminum with Hacksaw

For smaller pieces of Aluminum, you can use a hacksaw. A hacksaw can cut a bar and a pipe and is also efficient for cutting short-length Aluminum.

Cutting Aluminum Bar Using Hack Saw

Cutting Aluminum Bar Using Hack Saw

A hacksaw works by moving the blade back and forth in circular motions on the Aluminum material. You should apply gentle pressure on the hacksaw to get clean and smooth cuts.

Forcing the saw on the Aluminum material will result in uneven and crooked cuts.

6. Using Jigsaw to Cut Aluminum

If you are looking to have your Aluminum metal cut in different shapes and curves, this is the best option. Using a jigsaw will ensure you get the shapes and curves you want.

Jigsaws produce very clean cuts. You can achieve this by choosing the right speed for your Aluminum material.

For thick materials, you require a higher speed, and for thin materials, you require a lower speed. Just like the other cutting tools applying gentle pressure is key to getting clean cuts.


Cutting Aluminum is not a very complicated procedure. All you need to do is choose the best cutting option for your Aluminum depending on its thickness and the sizes you want.

You should ensure that the tool you choose is fixed with the right blade for the Aluminum material. For any cutting tool you choose, remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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