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Model: YL78-3000T

3000t door panel embossing machine is a special hydraulic press machine for embossing and forming stainless steel door panel, iron door panel and aluminum door panel. Adopt three beams and eight columns structure, six main cylinders evenly distributed. The machine has the advantages of fast production speed, safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, beautiful appearance and so on. The pressed door panel pattern is clear and has a strong three-dimensional sense. The operation of the machine is very simple, and the requirements for operators are not high. It only takes a few minutes to learn. In addition to door panel embossing machine, we can also provide you with door panel mould, Leveling and shearing integrated machine, automatic uncoiler, bending machine, H-type door frame embossing hydraulic press and other supporting devices and equipment. If necessary, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the best solution.

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Specification Unit 3000 Ton
 Capacity KN 30000
Pressure Mpa 25
Travel mm 400
Max. Opening height mm 500
Table size (left and right X front and rear) mm 1500*2500

Features of 3000 tons door panel embossing hydraulic press

  1. Multi cylinder evenly distributed, uniform force, no biased load.
  2. After the upper and lower dies are closed, the pressurization speed is fast.
  3. Door panel embossing machine is equipped with safety light screen device, more safe and reliable.
  4. It can be controlled by PLC, with manual and automatic operation modes
  5. Door panel embossing hydraulic pressmachine can be fixed range, constant pressure.

What factors are related to the thickness of the door panel pressed by the door embossing machine? How to choose a suitable door panel embossing machine?

3000 tons embossing machine pressed the thickness of the door panel depends on the yield strength of the raw material panel. In the processes of cutting, punching and bending, the maximum processing thickness of metal plate is calculated according to the tensile strength, while in the door plate embossing process, it is calculated according to the yield strength. When the door plate embossing machine of the same tonnage presses the stainless steel door plate and iron door plate of the same size, the thickness of the stainless steel plate that can be pressed is greater than that of the iron plate.

For example, a 2000 ton door plate embossing machine can press stainless steel plates with a thickness of 1.2 mm. But pressing 1.2mm iron plate is more difficult. For the sake of product quality and machine service life, we usually use a 2000 ton door panel embossing machine to press 1mm metal door panels. If the customer presses all kinds of 1.2mm door panels for a long time, we recommend the customer to choose a 2500 ton door panel embossing machine. If the customer presses the door panel thickness to reach 1.5mm, we usually recommend the customer to purchase 3000 tons door panel embossing machine. The door panel produced in this way has clear pattern and strong three-dimensional sense. It also avoids the damage to the machine caused by long-term overload operation. Of course, if customers have very high requirements for product quality, we can design a double acting door panel embossing hydraulic press with bottom cylinder. Provide customized services according to your needs.

How to ensure product consistency?

Because it is necessary to manually put the raw material plate into the mold, errors will inevitably occur in the operation. In order to ensure the consistency of the door plate, we can add hard limits on the mold. This ensures product consistency and saves time for the operator to correct the position of the door panel.

How to choose the door panel mold?

The door panel includes a mould frame and a mould core. If the periphery of the door panel to be pressed by the customer is flat or the same pattern, and the mold core size is the same, the customer can only need select one mold frame to cooperate with multiple mold cores, which greatly saves the customer’s investment cost. If the customer purchases more than one door panel embossing machine, the number of mould frames shall be at least the same as that of hydraulic press. Avoid that the machine cannot be put into production because there is no mold.

How to transport 3000 tons door panel embossing machine?

The weight and size of 3000 tons door panel embossing machine are very large, so it cannot be transported by the whole machine. The machine is usually disassembled and shipped. Open top cabinet is usually used for transportation.  Our workshop has the capacity of loading containers and reinforcing. We will apply antirust oil and winding film to the machine. During transportation, the freight company is required to cover the open top cabinet with tarpaulin to minimize and avoid the machine rust caused by long-distance sea transportation.

How to install door panel embossing machine after disassembly?

The door panel embossing machine is disassembled into seven main parts during transportation: upper beam, middle beam, worktable, columns, liquid filling tanks and valve station. All machines must go through strict debugging and inspection before they are allowed to leave the factory.  We will record detailed installation videos at the initial installation of the machine, and make installation instructions with pictures and detailed text instructions.When the machine is disassembled, all parts to be assembled and connected will be marked in advance, so as to facilitate customers to carry out later assembly according to the marks. Can provide customers with 24-hour online service.

How to adjust the parallelism of 3000 ton door panel embossing machine?

Use a ruler to measure the distance between the four corners of the middle beam and the working table, and observe whether the distance is equal. If it is found that the distance is not equal, adjust the nut above the upper beam and tighten the nut below the upper beam. The specific operation method will be explained in detail in the operation manual.

How to select and reasonably use hydraulic oil?

As the main working medium of hydraulic press, the selection of hydraulic oil is very important. Because the quality and use of hydraulic oil directly affect the operation and service life of the machine.High quality hydraulic press will also affect its own performance because of the improper use of oil.  We made the following summary on how to choose and use hydraulic oil:

  1. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be appropriate and selected according to the actual temperature of the use scene
  2. Do not choose off-brand inferior hydraulic oil
  3. Hydraulic oil should have good wear resistance
  4. Good emulsification resistance and stable hydrolysis performance
  5. Different brands, different types of hydraulic oil can not be mixed
  6. Clean the hydraulic system before replacing different types of hydraulic oil.
  7. Ensure that the hydraulic system is well sealed to avoid oil contamination
hydraulic press machine


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Model: YQ32-400T

  • 4 post hydraulic press, for SMC pressing molding, servo motor,
  • PLC control, highlight 2m stroke 1.5m.
  • Low noise.
  • Sliding beam speed 4 speed changes – fast down – press – slow back – fast back.
  • High return force.

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Specification Unit 400 Ton
 Capacity KN 4000
Pressure Mpa 25
Travel mm 1000
Max. Opening height mm 2600
Down Speed mm/s 180-200
Press Speed mm/s 3-11
Slow return speed mm/s 3-10
Up Speed mm/s 200
Table size (left and right X front and rear) mm 3200*2000
Pump NB5-G32/50F 32/50
Motor power KW 23
Holding time s 0-3600