Heated Platen Press

Heated Platen Press

The TSINFA heated platen press is a unique pressing machine engineered to put equally hot and cool pressure on materials with the help of parallel flat platens. This piece of pressing equipment is great for low-toxicity powders and the curing of compression molded components and composite panels of various shapes and sizes.

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The TSINFA heated platens with temperature control have a variety of technical applications in different industries and with different materials, including paper, automotive, woodworking, etc. In all, higher models of the machine can hit incredible temperatures of about 650°F.

Moreover, depending on your requirements, our heated presses carry different cooling and heating options. You can choose to go with one of the following heating systems for uniform temperature control and heat distribution: 

  • Oil heated platens
  • Steam heated platens
  • Electrically heated platens

The tonnage capacity for the TSINFA heated platen press ranges from 10 to 3000 tons, with the possibility of increasing tonnage according to your needs. Also on offer is the LCD display for proper control and monitoring and automated loading and unloading mechanisms for smooth and safe workflow. 

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Features and Advantages of Heated Platen Press

  • Versatile platen designs and options: There is great versatility for all your platen options and design needs across the board. Depending on the specific process it caters to, we can include multiple openings, single openings, platen cleaners, platen cooling systems, LCD, insulated heat enclosures, and many more options.
  • Alternative heating systems: The TSINFA heated platen press has a rich assembly of alternative heating systems from which to choose. You can equip your heated platen press with oil, steam, or electrical heating systems.
  • Reliable temperature and pressure controls: Pressing with heated platens requires precise pressure and temperature controls for either cooling or heating. The TSINFA heated platen press carries sound built-in temperature control systems that are necessary for multi-zone temperature handling via sensors.
  • Adjustable tooling and machining: Whether you want a standard machining or tooling system or prefer the custom tooling set-up, we can use your graphic descriptions to give you the perfect tooling.
  • Automation features: To ensure medium to high-volume runs of manufacture, our smart automation features, like automated unloading and loading systems, add efficiency to your workflow.
  • Safety and emergency features: The TSINFA heated platen press has several emergency and safety features designed to keep the operators and materials safe from heat-related incidents. Our presses carry safety devices that eliminate the risk of the platen closing while people work on it. All electrical terminals are built after Electrical Safety Codes.

Applications of Heated Platen Press

  • Woodworking: In the woodworking sector, the TSINFA heated platen press is used in various applications, such as plywood making. High temperature and strong pressure convert graded wood fibers to quality woodwork products.
  • Fabrication and Tool Manufacturing Industry: In the fabrication and tool manufacturing industry, where simple, high-level, and advanced composites are made, a good combination of strength, temperature, pressure, and single press is ideal.
  • Plastic and Rubber Processing Industry: The TSINFA heated platen press helps rubber and plastic industries mold rubber parts by pressing varied rubber blocks or sheets into quality mold cavities.
  • Paper and Packaging Industry: The TSINFA heated platen press machine’s bonding capabilities help create a smooth bond between multiple surfaces. Its controlled curing features are an asset in the paper and packaging industry.
  • Automotive and Aerospace Industries: In both the aerospace and automotive industries, the TSINFA heated platen’s press frame handles strong, impact-resistant, lightweight materials used to assemble vehicles and aircraft.